Looking forward to my appearances at the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival starting this Thursday, July 10, evening with a social event. I will play some music that night and read from my books on Saturday. For more info on
all the participants, including Doug Gibson, Eleanor Wachtel and others, and exciting panel discussions please google EMLF Nelson. Here's the URL.

Sid  has teamed up with WCMA nominee (best instrumental album) Jim McLennan, as well as Pincher Creek musicians James Van Leeuen and Joe Cunningham in a brand new band - Wailback
Come and hear new Southern Alberta roots music from Sid and Wailback.

Next Wailback Gig:
May 30 House Concert in Okotoks.       
        June 27 at the Hawk's Nest near Waterton    Contact sid@sidmartycom for info   


Sid Marty’s latest nonfiction title is The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek.Check out the summary Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek (pdf)" ...I stared into the dark until I felt the darkness pouring into my brain, until I saw myself staring back from the darkness, my scarecrow shape outlined against the constellations.     I saw the enemy: I am the enemy."from the chapter, Bushwhacker's Soliloquy.

Download high quality MP3 tracks from Sid's new CD "elsewhere"
Maybe The Wind (4.75MB) 

Get Sid Marty's NEW CD Today. Send an email to Sid sid@sidmarty.com for details.

Let the River Run now available in CD format.