Wailback performs at annual Maycroft Community Hall fall gathering  Saturday Nov 1. Doors at 5 for amazing bbq prime rib dinner at 6PM. Band starts at 8. Tickets $35.0. Phone Kathy at (403)628-2330. Maycroft access via Highway 22, the "Cowboy Trail".Turn west on the Gap Road (secondary 519) at the south side of Oldman River Bridge. Drive west to community hall, right by the road, north side, can't be missed.

Jim Mclennan, lead guitars; James Van Leeuwen
vocals, acoustic guitar; Joe Cunningham, drums;
Sid Marty, lead vocals, resonator guitar, mandolin,
harmonica and acoustic guitar.

Sid Marty’s latest nonfiction title is The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek.Check out the summary Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek (pdf)" ...I stared into the dark until I felt the darkness pouring into my brain, until I saw myself staring back from the darkness, my scarecrow shape outlined against the constellations.     I saw the enemy: I am the enemy."from the chapter, Bushwhacker's Soliloquy.

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Let the River Run now available in CD format.