...I stared into the dark until I felt the darkness pouring into my brain, until I saw myself staring back from the darkness, my scarecrow shape outlined against the constellations.     I saw the enemy: I am the enemy."

from the chapter, Bushwhacker's Soliloquy

 APRIL 27 2018
Author and Musician Sid Marty will perform readings and songs selected from his
books and CDs with guest musician James Van Leeuwen, at Lineham
House Galleries, 33 Elma St., Okotoks at 7 PM , April 27. Admission includes a
complimentary drink and desert buffet.  For more information, info@linehamhouse.com
or reserve at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/house-concert-w-sid-marty-company-tickets-45052867339
or call (403) 917-1445

Sid Marty’s latest nonfiction title is The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek.Check out the summary Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek (pdf)" .

Download high quality MP3 tracks from Sid's new CD "elsewhere"
Maybe The Wind (4.75MB) 

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Let the River Run now available in CD format.