...I stared into the dark until I felt the darkness pouring into my brain, until I saw myself staring back from the darkness, my scarecrow shape outlined against the constellations.     I saw the enemy: I am the enemy."

from the chapter, Bushwhacker's Soliloquy

October 4th, 8PM, doors at 7.30, Max Bell Theatre, Banff Centre. An evening of story and song with Sid Marty  and friends from the band Wailback. Public event as part of the Thinking Mountains conference, October 2 to 5th.

Bridging the 49th at Elko National Cowboy Poetry Festival

Feb 2, 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Elko Convention Center Auditorium
$40 / $30 / $25
Next Generation
Discount Available!

A border by cartography standards, the 49th parallel north distinguishes Canada from the United States. On maps, anyway. But, try telling these musicians that as they sing themselves from side to side and back again. Jamie Fox and Alex Kusturok's fiddling heals a formerly-fading Métis fiddle tradition. Sid Marty's poetry, storytelling and songwriting travels like the Albertan wind. Corb Lund's musical diplomacy bridges the country and the city. And Colter Wall's songwriting blends the real and the magical. Making beauty out of coexistence, proving that lines are never quite what they seem, these five bards of the borderlands epitomize the artist as ambassador.

Sid Marty’s latest nonfiction title is The Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek.Check out the summary Black Grizzly of Whiskey Creek (pdf)" .

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Let the River Run now available in CD format.